We want to help you Create More Inclusive Experiences

A.MIROE consists of a hybrid team of the very best digital inclusion specialists, communication specialists, tech-savvy consultants and strategists. We all have one thing in common. We are professionals with just the right mix of brains, integrity, and nerdy obsession with our profession. And empathy. Lots and lots of empathy. 

We bring our skills together when needed, and wherever needed to make sure that we hit bullseye with our solutions.

The best time to build a vision for the future that eliminates excluding brand experiences is right now. It is generally less expensive to prioritize inclusion as early as possible when designing your digital presence and inclusive solutions. And it is never too late to start optimizing and expand on current business practices to achieve a more responsible and efficient approach to design, to people and to business impact.

Why Work with Us?

Your business has an online presence that is supposed to accommodate internal and external stakeholders. But your digital setup is NOT compliant with the digital inclusion and accessibility standards in the market you operate in.

We’re Ready to Help You Prosper

Your digital shortcomings may compromise your business potential and your brand reputation in ways that are actually effecting your ROI. But you do not know where to begin the tranformation. 

That’s where we come into the picture. We share your core values and vision to do good. We knows the advantages as well as the challenges related to wanting to become compliant and inclusive. And we can help you grow your business with a mindset that makes you accessible to everyone and provide you with the roadmap to do so.

Who Holds The Keys To A.MIROE?

Stine Holmgaard is an experienced corporate communications and media professional. Prior to co-founding A.MIROE, Stine held the position as COO and Head of Events at the Native Advertising Institute working with C-level media and marketing professionals from all over the World. 

She holds a Master of Arts in Corporate Communications with a specialty in Corporate Social Responsibility from Aarhus School of Business and a bachelor degree in Marketing and Management Communications.

Her dedication to diversity, equality and inclusion, her flypaper memory, and her sleek ability to network and build strong relations with like-minded and passionate experts is the backbone of the A. MIROE agency. 

A vision to serve clients focused on sustainability and responsible code of business conduct has been the raison d’être for hatching A. MIROE in the first place. And it still is.

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